Monday Talk – 3rd October 2017

3rd October 2017


Jackie Handley, physiotherapist , works for Oldham Community Leisure and came along to introduce us to “Armchair Antics” or how to exercise whilst sitting. This is important for people who have respiratory problems or have been damaged by a stroke or an accident,  but also useful to anyone unable to get out and exercise for whatever reason.

Preventing falls is important for disabled or elderly people and Jackie prescribes exercises to strengthen ankles and to improve balance.

Whilst sitting one can also exercise and strengthen arms, legs, feet, necks and shoulders and Jackie took us through a number of movements to illustrate this and showed how to increase the benefits with lengths of stretchy plastic.  She introduced us to Tai Chi whilst singing “Que Sera, Sera” and gave us soft balls to exercise our hands.

Whatever next?  Well we had games with a rainbow coloured parachute and the balls without moving from our chairs and we got quite giddy and competitive.  In fact we had so much fun that we asked her to come back sometime and show us more exercises.  Perhaps even some that involve standing!



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