The “Lydgate” Collage

27th February 2015

The New Project

The “Lydgate” collage, which we have been working on for some time, has now been completed and is awaiting the addition of borders and backing and other details that are so important to properly present this unique piece of work.  The original painting by Jill Harrison has been reproduced, to the best of our ability, in fabric and thread and the many, many beads and sparkly bits beloved of our members.

As Love Lydgate had a visit last week from Carolyn Wilkins, Chief Executive for OMBC, and Liza McDonald, District Co-ordinator for Saddleworth and Lees, accompanied by John McCann, John Hudson and Graham Sheldon, Councillors for Saddleworth South, the collage was taken along as an example of the kind of community pursuits Love Lydgate is fostering.  The visitors were happy to be photographed holding the collage in the “White Hart” community room where it is envisaged the collage will be displayed.

It has taken so long to create the collage because the smaller dimensions of the work has made it difficult for a number of members to work on it together, but also because the Stitchers have been involved in other projects during this time.



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