Spring – Spoiled By Dog Mess

3rd May 2017

The gentle morning light of Spring, colourful flower borders, mist and spiders webs bejewelled with dew.

Yet what is it that spoils the scene? Another pile of dog poop. What is going on? Do people not care? Walking around Lydgate at times is like the proverbial mine field you really do not want to step on. It’s on the pavements, on the footpaths and the fields where the children play.

Dog poop is not only unsightly and smelly but dangerous, yes dangerous! A pile of poop may contain, Parvovirus, whip, hook, round and thread worms, Campylobacteriosis and other nasties! These are not only dangerous to other dogs but humans too. Roundworm can damage the sight, I worked with a girl whose site was impaired by dry poop blowing into her eyes a child. Irresponsible dog owners be warned this is a growing number of us responsible dog owners who will photograph and submit them to the authorities.

Just a quick reminder that the nearest defibrillator to the village is located at the White Hart Inn but it can only be used if the ambulance service directs you to do so. It is inaccessible without their access code and guidance.

In an emergency always all 999.



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